About Us

The people at WholeMAX are dedicated to bringing fair (discounted and transparent) pricing to consumers in the used car market. Years of operational experience in the automotive and financial markets have enabled us to create a company that provides car buyers access to the wholesale markets, enabling them to purchase the cars they want at real discounts to retail and online pricing.




WholeMAX is a world class auto company that's all about ensuring that our clients get utmost satisfaction while saving money.


Getting a car from wholesale auto auctions is much cheaper than buying it directly from a traditional dealer. But in order to participate in these dealer only auctions, you need to be a licensed car dealer. This is where WholeMAX comes in. We serve as the vital link between you, our customers, and the licensed dealers that will help you get the vehicle you want from a wholesale auto auction. This means that we'll provide you with you a dealer who will bid for the vehicle on your behalf. And if your bid wins, you'll get your car with no hassle.


With over forty years of combined experience, we are knowledgeable about the laws, regulations, and rules surrounding auto auctions, dealerships, and everything that has to do with purchasing a vehicle. We strive to make our platform and services beneficial to our customers and potential clients. And how do we do this? Below are a few of the reasons why we are working to be considered one of the best auto companies in the world and why you should definitely work with us:




One of the major reasons why our clients come to WholeMax is because we provide them with important up-to-date information about the car they want to buy. And we do this with a guarantee!


You see, every vehicle’s information, including the detailed pictures and operating details that we provide you is accurate. Before you purchase a vehicle through WholeMAX, you'll be provided with real time details and images of what the car looks like, the condition the vehicle is in, and other information you are supposed to get in a detailed inspection.


We do all of the hard work for you simply because we know that you have placed your trust in us by purchasing your dream car through our platform and it's only right that we do not betray that trust.


As the customer, you do not need to be on site for inspection as our professionals will have gone for the inspection and ensured that the vehicles listed on our platform is of the highest quality.


Also, after sales support is one thing you won't get from a lot of companies. But as a reputable company keen on satisfying our customers and providing you with the best services, we ensure that we listen and respond to our customers even after a sale has been finalized. Our after-sales support team is extraordinary. You can always count on us to resolve any issue you might have.


So, forget any mechanical, cosmetic, or hidden issues happening to your car before purchase. We want you to enjoy your vehicle with peace of mind, and with our assurance program, that is exactly what will happen.



Purchasing a car through a regular dealer usually lets the customer break the bank more than they should. This simply means that going to a regular dealer is a lot more expensive than when you purchase your car through WholeMAX.


This is because regular dealers have to pay for infrastructure, marketing, purchasing the car, etc. and for these reasons, they increase the price of their vehicles to as high as fifteen percent more. Additionally, most dealers will frustrate you by providing you with hidden fees. These are fees they won't tell you about until you are sitting at the dealer’s finance desk, purchasing your car. Very often they are not transparent with their financing rates; many dealers pocket the difference between the quoted bank rate and what the customer has agreed to pay.


But when we say we are professionals; we mean that in every way. And for this reason, we are transparent with our dealings. Our top-notch services come at a flat rate of $199.00; no more, no less.


Unlike most dealers and auto auction companies out there, we provide our users with a breakdown of every fee they are supposed to pay before any transaction occurs. And once you have agreed and accepted the terms of the breakdown you are provided with, that's all there is. You won't be paying anything that's different or more than what is in the breakdown we provide you with (except if you change your mind about purchasing the particular vehicle).

We are transparent with our fees and dealings. No hidden charges. We don't want our customers to be frustrated and lose trust in us. We are a reputable, world-class company, and we'd love to keep it that way.


Did you know that with WholeMAX, you can save up to twenty percent of your total cost when buying a vehicle? Yes, you read right! Using our WholeMax dealer network, we will help you purchase your vehicle just like you would at a local dealership, but the BIG difference is that you won't be going through the whole purchasing stress and you'll be saving a lot off your purchase. Our unique business model is one that ensures that you, the auction, and the dealer gets a fair deal out of every purchase.



Once a transaction has been finalized, your vehicle will be shipped to your bidding WholeMax dealer. You can then decide to come pick it up or ask to have it delivered to you. And if you choose the latter, it will be brought to your location.


Additionally, in order to give you peace of mind, we offer a 24 hour return program on every vehicle purchased through our platform. This means that you have an entire day to test and check the functionality of your car, and should you find anything wrong with it during that timeframe, we'll have all issues fixed at no extra cost; you can even request to have your money back, and it would be speedily processed with no questions asked.


That’s how certain we are at WholeMAX. We also offer a variety of nationwide warranty programs through one of our operating partners. All of these are done to ensure that you enjoy your vehicle with peace of mind.


WholeMAX can also help with financing through our world class finance partners. This means that we can lend you a helping hand so you can get that dream car you want. While there are terms and conditions to this, as set by these lending institutions, we'll ensure that we make you aware of everything before you sign an agreement. You can also purchase a vehicle on our platform with a pre-approved letter from your financing company.