Owning your dream car shouldn't be something difficult to do, right? But look at all you'll have to spend when you go through a dealership. For most people, getting a car through a dealership is a complete hassle and way too expensive for your liking and we understand that. Now, what if we told you that there's a cheaper alternative? An alternative in the form of auto auctions; an alternative known as WholeMax.

Getting your dream car through auto auctions is no doubt one of the best and most affordable ways to own a quality used (almost brand new) vehicle. But for anyone who isn't a car dealer, this process can be daunting, intimidating, and often quite confusing. In fact, the vast majority of auto auctions are for licensed car dealers only, which means without the all important dealer license, it is not possible to partake in these wholesale auctions. So, how do you get your next vehicle through one of the most affordable ways to buy a used car there is? The answer to that question is WholeMAX.


Here at WholeMax, we'll help you get your dream car from an auto auction with no hassle. How, you might ask? Well, in simple terms, we, and our local and regional partner dealers are fully licensed dealers and will access the auction and do the bidding for you. This simply means that you can sit back, relax, and leave the whole auto auction process to us. We'll help you make the bid and if your bid wins, you'll get your car. Yes, it's as simple as that.


Curious or skeptical about the whole process? Let's give you a breakdown of how WholeMAX works.




The first step will be done by you as you are the one who knows the kind of vehicle you want as your dream car. Just log on to our bidding platform and go through the over 100,000 cars listed on our platform. Once you've found a car you are interested in, congratulations, you are ready for the next step.


WholeMAX is all about ensuring that our clients get their money's worth. And for this reason, we only deal with cars that have a minimum grade of 4.0 with 5.0 being the highest. Let's give you a thorough explanation of what we mean by grade 4.0 and 5.0.


Grade 4 Vehicles - These vehicle types are better than average given the fact they only have minor chips or scratches on their panel's surfaces which may require minor conventional body and paint work or some paintless dent repair. These vehicle types may have sustained cosmetic or light collision damage and received high quality repairs. The vehicle’s frame/structure has not been repaired or altered, and is expected to correlate with the specifications we publish on our platform. You may need to replace a minor missing or broken part. The interior is clean, shows minimal wear and has no noticeable offensive odors. There is no visible glass damage beyond minor pitting of the windshield. The vehicle is mechanically sound and all accessories are operable. Fluids may require services. Tires match by brand, size and style and are in good condition.


Grade 5 Vehicles - These vehicle types are in excellent condition with only minor defects on panel surfaces, and they usually do not require conventional body or paint work. Limited high quality repairs may have been performed. There are no missing, broken, or damaged parts and no visible glass damage. The vehicle’s frame/structure has not been repaired or altered and is expected to go in line with the specifications published on our website. The interior has no cuts, tears, or burns, does not show signs of wear and has no noticeable offensive odor. The vehicle is mechanically sound and all accessories are operable. All fluids are full and clean. Tires match by brand, size and style, and are in near new condition.


We are also going to provide you with a complete report on the car's condition. This will enable you to know about the car's grade as well as giving you enough information about the car, such as minor scratches, repairs, tires, etc.




You enter your maximum bid amount (or, if available, the Buy It Now price), provide the required deposit (usually 10%), provide proof of funds or final financing approval, and we will send this information along with the auction information to one of our registered dealers who will bid for you on the dream car that you selected.


Please note that Wholemax does not own any of the vehicles listed on the website and your deposit works towards our service in securing the vehicle for you.


CASH BIDDERS/BUYERS: If you choose to pay for your car using cash/deposit/bank transfer or wire transfer, you will need to place a 10% deposit and send us proof of funds (like your most recent bank statement) for the remainder. You can see on the Car Detail pages the breakdown of all fees. Your final price will include: the auction price of the car, auction mandated fees, transportation fees (from the auction to your local participating dealer), dealer fee etc. If it is your first time placing a bid with us, a ONE-TIME fee (WholeMAX Fee) is added to your initial deposit. This fee will allow you to bid on any car (or as many cars you want) for up to 3 years. If you are a returning bidder you wilnot be charged this fee again.



FINANCED BIDDERS/ BUYERS: If you prefer to finance your WholeMAX car, just click on the Financing button and you will be taken through the financing approval process. Don't worry; we will do our best to make this as fast and easy as possible with our lending partners. After you have received your approval from one of our financial partners, then you can place the deposit as described above and we will take it from there.


We at WholeMax value your time and will do everything we can to make your dream car purchase come true.




This part is the most interesting. If your bid wins, the vehicle becomes yours and it will be shipped to the local dealer where you can pick it up; or if you wish, you can choose to have it shipped directly to you within seven days. That's how easy things are here at WholeMAX.


This is no need to worry if your bid doesn't win,. You can choose to either place a bid on another vehicle or you can request a speedy return of your 10% deposit, (minus the One-Time WholeMAX fee of $199.00, if applicable).


Once the winning auction is complete, we'll email you a notification and help you finalize the payment. And if you don’t win, we’ll send you a notification to that effect and you can then choose to bid on another vehicle or just withdraw your deposit.


We will provide you with a 24-hour return program: We recognize that buying a used car online might make you nervous. This is why prior to bidding/purchase we provide you with real, accurate pictures of the very car you are bidding on, a well-detailed condition report of the vehicle and if you are the winning bidder, a 24-hour return program.


After you’ve picked up your winning car at your local dealer (and have signed all the necessary papers), if for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you have 24-hours (or 200 miles) to return the car to the same local dealer (in exactly the same condition you received it) and we will unwind the deal and process your refund*. Simple.


*Please be aware that some State and bank fees may not refundable, such as the bank payment (credit card) processing fees, vehicle transportation fee, state licensing tag fees, the WholeMAX one-time fee and the dealer bid fee. We are on your side and want this new way of buying a used car to be 100% transparent and relatively risk free which is why we disclose all this information to you, upfront. There are no hidden costs.The only exception is for cars with a price tag over $100.000,00. In these cases we can only return cars that have some sort of problem like hidden issues, condition report issues, etc.


But don't worry, if you return a car under the 24-hour return program, you will still be able to bid on another car and this time, you won't have to pay another WholeMAX fee nor another dealer bid fee.


We value you as customer as will continue to help you through every step of the way.




Did we mention that we have over forty years of combined experience? Yes, that's right. We are well versed in everything auto auction, dealerships, state automotive laws, and a few other necessary things we need to know but don't want to bore you with. With our experience and great service, we have helped a long list of clients who have placed their trust in us when it comes to everything auto auction.


With our unique business model, WholeMAX will ensure that you get your dream ride through a stress-free process. It's safe, easy, and affordable. Our services come at a flat fee of just $199.00 - no hidden charges.


Get your dream car today through the safest, easiest, and most affordable way. Get your dream car through WholeMAX.




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