Frequently Asked Questions

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01. Where do you source your vehicles from?

We have built relationships with many auctions, Rental car companies, and certain vetted dealers that we buy directly from.

02. Is it an automated system that buys the vehicles I request?

No. Our Automated Buying Service, “A.B.S” is designed to source vehicles; the actual purchase is done by a live buyer.

03. Who does the inspections for my purchase?

We handle all the inspections at the time of purchase.

04. What is the buyer fee?

The buyer fee is $350 per unit.

05. Do we buy vehicles from consumers?

We only buy through wholesale channels.

06. Who handles the transportation?

WholeMax provides all transportation.

07. What are my options for payment?

We accept Check, ACH, and Flooring.

08. If I have titles or vehicle issues, whom is my point of contact?

The first point of contact is your Dealer Sales Representative. Second would be the National Sales Director.

09. Is there a subscription fee to enroll?

There is no fee to enroll.

10. How do I enroll?

Reach out by clicking here.

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